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*Announcement* Puerto Rico Relief

Dear family and friends:

Much has happened since Hurricane Maria brought complete devastation to an already battered Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but we needed to set up certain safety-nets for your efforts, as many of you want to help.

Let's first focus on good news. Both FEMA and the military are finally getting it together and people are starting to get the supplies they need in the more populated areas, however this is just starting to scratch the surface and a lot of aid is still needed. Details are spelled out below on how you can help.

Notwithstanding, the situation continues to worsen for many in the island. In addition to need supplies, it is the inadequate distribution of these supplies as well as more manpower needed to help the process along. The front page of USA Today as recently as this morning reports many of the problems that plague the ports.

With continued rain and thunderstorms, including a major deluge of 5 inches just several hours ago, the residents of Puerto Rico are continuing to suffer setbacks in recovery and response efforts. As another example, 2 nights ago a thunderstorm brought down Power Station #6, which supplies power to Carolina, San Juan and Bayamón, demonstrating how fragile the current deteriorating infrastructure truly is. The stats of the island are being continuously updated on

How you can help Our island families need help desperately, especially in the mountainous areas. As there has been so much controversy and lack of trust on how funds are being used (or not received adequately), we have a trusted family friend and associate, John Villamil who set up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit “Fundacion Unidos Para Servir” with other trusted associates in order to provide direct assistance to the residents of Manati and surrounding areas. All withdrawals from the organization’s account require dual signatures, in order to ensure there is accountability for all funds used. We have started a fundraiser on or you can donate directly to the organization through the paypal account which is tied to

Johnny has been working as volunteer 24/7 at the Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia (COE), the center from where the local government’s eye of operations is coordinated at the Convention Center in San Juan, akin to central command headquarters. He is working in coordination with a group of mayors representing the municipalities of PR, and working with one in particular hand and glove. These are the leaders at the ground level of operation and flow in assistance.

We are working through him to assist from our end to ensure he coordinates activities from the PR side, primarily outside of San Juan, where resources are still meager, with us (myself/others/family/you) helping from afar.

The organization also has a post office address that is now operational. Some of you may want to send supplies directly, the updated list of items is below. They can now receive packages, and these are being picked up daily. The address is:

John Villamil Casanova 

Fundación Unidos para Servir 

PO Box 1051 

Manatí, PR 00674 

Right now our biggest pain points are logistics for getting goods there, however we have a possible alternative plan with volunteers. Some airlines allow extra weight and baggage for elite status members of that airline’s travel rewards. We are asking people to also volunteer a day to travel with items and deliver directly to the people we have on the ground. Please contact if you are interested in assisting with this.

Keeping track of giving To keep track of our initiatives, we have put together a Facebook site that will provide information and general orientation about what is going on. Johnny will update needs as well as provide first-hand information on the utilization of goods, supplies distribution, and monetary giving periodically, so as to keep everyone apprised of efforts. The site can be accessed at:

I hope this helps, as many of you want to assist in these efforts. We pray for quick restoration back to normalcy, but fear it will take some time. As always, we want to keep you abreast of developments and overall progress.

Abdín Noboa-Ríos, Ph.D.


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