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PALS Español

PALS Español helps identify Spanish-speaking children that may be at risk for developing reading difficulties. The instrument also provides teachers with valuable diagnostic information that helps them target instruction to individual students’ needs, whether instruction is in Spanish or in English, grades 1-3. The assessment is designed to reflect the latest research on literacy development in Spanish. ICI, Inc. has identified the assessment as one of the best tools in the market for both dual-language programs as well as traditional ESL programs.

It is important to note that the battery of PALS instruments in English that provide a scientifically-based phonological awareness and literacy screening can also be used in tandem (e.g., PALS 1-3) to measure student’s developing knowledge of important literacy fundamentals as well as offering guidance to teachers in tailoring instruction to the specific needs of ELL students. Altogether, the assessments help pinpoint children’s strengths as well as areas that may require more direct attention.

Overall, the various batteries of tests are used to (a) screen and identify students in need of additional instruction based on their Entry Level task scores and (b) diagnose specific skill deficits in students whose Entry Level scores do not meet a benchmark that represents minimum, grade-level criteria.

For more information about PALS Español visit them at: pals.virginia.edu

Family Leadership Institute (FLI)

Family Leadership Institute (FLI) is a highly-researched program dedicated to skills-training and empowerment of parents of students grades K-12. The program is fully available in both English and Spanish. It aims to not only orient parents about the schooling of their children, but also how to support student success and work in tandem with teachers, regardless of student needs. The program also provides a trainer-of-trainer model that qualifies parents to continue the process at their local neighborhood level. ICI, Inc. has evaluated the program and finds it meets the highest criterion for parental success and comfort with their role as both “first and most important teacher” of their child’s education, but also how to converse and even advocate on behalf of their children with school teachers and officials.   

The following video provides a quick overview of the program.

For more information about FLI via ICI, Inc. please visit: www.easleadership.com

National Education Foundation (NEF)

National Education Foundation (NEF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, headquartered in metropolitan Washington, DC.  NEF is a leading nonprofit organization bridging the employment, digital and academic divides by providing high-quality, affordable 21st century online education to millions of students and jobseekers in many countries including the U.S., Puerto Rico, India, Egypt and Mauritius. Among other programs, it offers 2,500 K-99 online courses using state-of-the-art LMS (Learning Management System) and interactive video platform. ICI, Inc. also works closely with NEF in the provision of QZAB programs in the U.S. and its outlier territories.

For more information about NEF visit them at: http://blog.cyberlearning.org/?page_id=1485#sthash.YMqaOmkz.dpuf

C U Clear

C U Clear provides solutions for data security. It represents a full-scope, personnel screening services provider that utilizes thorough screening methods based on the concept of the “whole-person.” It adheres to federal adjudicating principles that govern personnel security investigations. Among its various services, C U Clear offers investigative, security solutions as well as training to ensure that the weakest link of any organization—its workforce—is fully vetted and does not threaten the safekeeping of high-security information.  

The following video provides a brief overview of C U Clear services.

For more information about C U Clear visit them at: www.cuclear.com

Links Media, LLC

Links Media is a consulting firm based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  It provides communication, information technology and business services to clients in the U.S. and around the globe.  Through communication, information technology and management practices it brings innovation to social investments in health and wellness, food production, environmental management, and economic development.  With a team of global professionals and the Links Global Network, Links Media delivers knowledge, experience, resources and brand recognition to help clients succeed. 

Links Media is a woman-owned, small business with certifications by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Find out more about Links Media’s GSA schedule, GWACs, MASs, IDQs, and BPAs through their Website: www.linksmedia.net/


SPAGnVOLA, with its cocoa farm in the Dominican Republic and manufacturing/retail boutiques for premium chocolate in the U.S., holds a unique position in the cocoa/chocolate-making industry as the only vertically integrated, crop-to-shop operation in the Washington, DC area. The boutique also has a philosophy that focuses on innovation in achieving cocoa sustainability, educating cocoa growers, and supporting quality and scientific research. It is committed to the engagement of cocoa farmers in innovative ways that improve the quality of their life. Recently, alliances in Ondo State, Nigeria and with the University of West Indies-Cave Hill (UWI-Cave Hill) serve as examples of their philosophy in action. 

For more information, please visit their Website: http://spagnvola.com/pages/about-us

Agenda, LLC

Agenda, LLC is a data protection and network security group devoted to protect from a single link or an entire network by eliminating the complexity of protecting extant data or historical records.  Agenda solutions provide an identity assured entity, the AGSEC Manager™ which is a powerful web-based management platform that simplifies security management while preserving network performance and functionality.

Agenda products such as ManagerTM works with the SimploCrypt Core to provide the power to protect personal data anywhere, anytime, without changes or disruptions to a network, its infrastructure or any of its operations.  As such, data protection is a true constant in all communications and transactions performed within Agenda systems.  Result?  Protection is not relegated only to the Tech Savvy.

Typical protections do not protect an entity, whether an individual, a company, an organization or even a country.  Current forms of data encryption are based on static or flawed algorithms.  They do not focus on the identification of the entity using the software or those authorized.  Here, encryption, access and identification worlds are merged, with the Agenda data protection features via SimploCrypt creating the merger of all three.

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