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ASPIRA Association

As a 501(c)(3) organization, ASPIRA is the largest national Hispanic organization dedicated exclusively to developing Hispanic youth through education and leadership development. Since 1961, the association has been working at the grassroots level to provide programs that encourage Hispanic students to stay in school, succeed in education, develop leadership skills, and serve their community. ASPIRA is organized in eight states and Puerto Rico. It has an extensive national presence through its state associate offices and by partnering with hundreds of regional, state, and local education CBOs. It currently serves over 85,000 students annually through its ASPIRA Clubs in schools, afterschool education, guidance programs, and postsecondary access. (

Family Leadership Institute (FLI)

Family Leadership Institute (FLI) is a highly-researched program dedicated to skills-training and empowerment of parents of students grades K-12. The program is fully available in both English and Spanish. It aims to not only orient parents about the schooling of their children, but also how to support student success and work in tandem with teachers, regardless of student needs. The program also provides a trainer-of-trainer model that qualifies parents to continue the process at their local neighborhood level. ICI, Inc. has evaluated the program and finds it meets the highest criterion for parental success and comfort with their role as both “first and most important teacher” of their child’s education, but also how to converse and even advocate on behalf of their children with school teachers and officials.  

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The mission of the organization is to transform typical siloed academic data systems into accessible and useful platforms for all members of the school community. SyncGrades is one of the most user-friendly and successful data platforms for school systems nationwide such as syncing Google classrooms with student information systems and helpful data analytics. (

National Center for Community Strategies (NCFCS)

The National Center drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help our nation’s communities solve their greatest challenges.  (

The DoMas Group

As a Latina-owned, small business enterprise, DoMas provides holistic wellness to individuals and organizations as well as strategic operations to organizations and a K-16 podcast series for educators (

National Latino Farmers and Ranchers (NLFR) Association

The Association was founded in August of 2004 in Washington, DC 9after working with many farmworkers transitioning into owners and principal agents of farmers, ranchers, and multiple advocacy groups. NLFR provides policy advocacy, farm management and sustainability training, conservation practices, and TA that enables Latinos and multiethnic farmworkers, farmers, and ranchers who have been historically discriminated against to transition and thrive in indigenous, regenerative, and sustainable farming and ranching operations, while strengthening and safeguarding the nation’s food supply system. (



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